Help your child develop a positive self-image

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Inculcating a positive self-image in your children is essential if you want your kids to be healthy, positive and confident individuals. Here are a few key points you need to keep in mind…

Your child would love to hear that you love him/her. Of course, you always show that you love them but actually saying it means a lot. So, tell your children that you love them.

You should accept your child for who she/he is. And yes, even a tiny 5-6 year old child has a personality. Don’t squash that. Don’t try to mould him/her to be like you or like someone else. Respect him/her and they will learn to do the same.

Listen. Really listen – not half-heartedly while checking your office emails, or while working in the kitchen. Pay attention, keep eye contact – make him/her feel that you consider what they are saying as important.

Let your child know that she/he is special. Also, that everyone is blessed with certain talents and he/she would one day discover it. Your child should know that perfection is not in the way you appear outwardly, but it lies in the way you utilise your special talents.

Help your child to focus on his/her strength and develop it.

Always be polite to your child – he/she will just copy you. You should teach them to love and respect others.

Even when you are busy, never snub your child. Children feel positive if they know that their parents are there for them.

Let your child learn to take simple decisions and then help and guide them through it. Give them space and respect their decisions.

Make your child understand that mistakes and failure are a part of life and make sure your child knows that nothing is really prefect in life. One should also accept the gray areas.

Always appreciate every little effort that they take. A one word of appreciation really works wonders.

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